WTD 180℃ High temperature water circulation mold temperature

Application range: Injection mould temp. control, extrusion screw, barrels temp. control main feature

●Highest temperature reaching 150oCor180oC
●The panel control adopted micro,easy operation
●The panel control adopted micro,easy operation
●Automatic exhaust function as starting up the machine
●Electric parts use OMRON,FUJI,SCHNEIDER.TE
●Power off with automatic temp descending
●Medium circulation pipe with stainless,reduces pipe block
●Outlet and inlet with display meter
●Complete with safety protection and error indication system for easy operation
●Clean mold(Option)

●Circuit breaker
●Alarm system
●motor rollback protective lamp
●Water output pressure gauge
●Cooling water less protective lamp
●Overheat switch
●Circuiting pump overload protective lamp
●Water temp.display
●By-pass pressure release circuit
●Power protection

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