CW series Cool/heat temp. controller
Model: CW series
Application range: injection molding process

●Individual control for mold
●Vertical high pressure pump,fast for temp.increaing
●Water and mold minitor
●Time setting for turn on machine
●Botton press controller
●Automatic exhaust function
●OMRON,SCHNEIDER,TE for electric parts,longer life time
●Medium circulation pipe with stainless,reduces pipe block
●Completed with safety protection and error indication system for easy operation.
●High efficiency cooler,energy saving
●High precision temp.display
●Completed with 2 sets compressor which can be used jointly oor independent
●Fault indicatioin wihich allows maintenance without professional engineer.
●The weld of brass pipe is non-oxidization

●Circuit breake
●High pressure gauge
●motor rollback protective lamp
●Low pressure gauge
●Motor overload protective lamp
●Cooling water protective lamp
●compressor overload protective lamp
●By-pass pressure release circuit
●Heat-exchage fail protective lamp
●Water pressure gauge
●Refrigerant shortage protective
●Proof-explosion function
●Freeze protective lamp
●Alarm sound
●Refrigerant safety valve

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