Model: OTP series(mass flow pump)
Type:oil circulation(oil heater)
Applicatioin range: oven oil heater for forming machine Plastic rolling equipment, printing machinery, high temperature roller / roller temperature, high temperature injection mold temperature control, aluminum-magnesium-zinc alloy die-casting mold temperature control, temperature control and high temperature compression molding template other occasions, such as the need of precise temperature control. Laser packaging machinery, including molding machine, coating machine a variety of mechanical roller temperature control
Pump :3.75KW / 7.5KW. Heating power 36KW /90KW, multiple sets of cooling.
Advantage: fast heating, cooling fast, flow, external electrical control box.

●Highest temperature reaching 300℃
●The panel control adopted micro,easy operation
●usehot oil pump of axis-connection type with big flow rate and long service life
●KSB,SPECK,ALLWEILER hot oil pump from Germen is available
●TAT flanged ball valves and flange type filter
●Controlling parts of OMRON,FUJI brand
●Full automatic exhaust function and manual mode die oil return function
●temp.indication of oil output and return
●multi-zone heating control with power self-adjusting function
●Double-insulation/heating dissipation design for the electric distributioin cabinet
●Increase the service life of mold/templet and reduce the waste rate and the heating time
●Special design for pipeline system in which the heat-transfer oil is not oxidized with a long lifecycle.
●High-temperature insulation materials can be adopted on the heat insulation so as to save energy and reduce heat loss.
●Fault indication function which allows maintenance without professional maintainers.

●Circuit breaker
●Alarm system
●motor rollback protective lamp
●Alarm sounding
●Oil lack protective lamp
●Insulation heating system
●over-heat protective
●Oil reture display
●Circuiting pump overload protective lamp
●Power protection
●By-pass hydrauic circuit

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